tf.contrib.graph_editor.select_ops(*args, **kwargs)

tf.contrib.graph_editor.select_ops(*args, **kwargs)

See the guide: Graph Editor (contrib) > Module: select

Helper to select operations.


*args: list of 1) regular expressions (compiled or not) or 2) (array of) tf.Operation. tf.Tensor instances are silently ignored. **kwargs: 'graph': tf.Graph in which to perform the regex query.This is required when using regex. 'positive_filter': an elem if selected only if positive_filter(elem) is True. This is optional. 'restrict_ops_regex': a regular expression is ignored if it doesn't start with the substring "(?#ops)". Returns: A list of tf.Operation. Raises: * TypeError: if the optional keyword argument graph is not a tf.Graph or if an argument in args is not an (array of) tf.Operation or an (array of) tf.Tensor (silently ignored) or a string or a regular expression. * ValueError: if one of the keyword arguments is unexpected or if a regular expression is used without passing a graph as a keyword argument.

Defined in tensorflow/contrib/graph_editor/