tf.contrib.image.rotate(images, angles)

tf.contrib.image.rotate(images, angles)

Rotate image(s) by the passed angle(s) in radians.


  • images: A tensor of shape (num_images, num_rows, num_columns, num_channels) (NHWC), (num_rows, num_columns, num_channels) (HWC), or (num_rows, num_columns) (HW).
  • angles: A scalar angle to rotate all images by, or (if images has rank 4) a vector of length num_images, with an angle for each image in the batch.


Image(s) with the same type and shape as images, rotated by the given angle(s). Empty space due to the rotation will be filled with zeros.


  • TypeError: If image is an invalid type.

Defined in tensorflow/contrib/image/python/ops/