tf.contrib.image.transform(images, transforms)

tf.contrib.image.transform(images, transforms)

Applies the given transform(s) to the image(s).


  • images: A tensor of shape (num_images, num_rows, num_columns, num_channels) (NHWC), (num_rows, num_columns, num_channels) (HWC), or (num_rows, num_columns) (HW).
  • transforms: Projective transform matrix/matrices. A vector of length 8 or tensor of size N x 8. If one row of transforms is [a0, a1, a2, b0, b1, b2, c0, c1], then it maps the output point (x, y) to a transformed input point (x', y') = ((a0 x + a1 y + a2) / k, (b0 x + b1 y + b2) / k), where k = c0 x + c1 y + 1.


Image(s) with the same type and shape as images, with the given transform(s) applied. Transformed coordinates outside of the input image will be filled with zeros.


  • TypeError: If image is an invalid type.

Defined in tensorflow/contrib/image/python/ops/