tf.contrib.layers.conv2d_in_plane(args, *kwargs)

tf.contrib.layers.conv2d_in_plane(*args, **kwargs)

tf.contrib.layers.convolution2d_in_plane(*args, **kwargs)

See the guide: Layers (contrib) > Higher level ops for building neural network layers

Performs the same in-plane convolution to each channel independently.

This is useful for performing various simple channel-independent convolution operations such as image gradients:

image = tf.constant(..., shape=(16, 240, 320, 3)) vert_gradients = layers.conv2d_in_plane(image, kernel=[1, -1], kernel_size=[2, 1]) horz_gradients = layers.conv2d_in_plane(image, kernel=[1, -1], kernel_size=[1, 2])


  • inputs: a 4-D tensor with dimensions [batch_size, height, width, channels].
  • kernel_size: a list of length 2 holding the [kernel_height, kernel_width] of of the pooling. Can be an int if both values are the same.
  • stride: a list of length 2 [stride_height, stride_width]. Can be an int if both strides are the same. Note that presently both strides must have the same value.
  • padding: the padding type to use, either 'SAME' or 'VALID'.
  • activation_fn: activation function, set to None to skip it and maintain a linear activation.
  • normalizer_fn: normalization function to use instead of biases. If normalizer_fn is provided then biases_initializer and biases_regularizer are ignored and biases are not created nor added. default set to None for no normalizer function
  • normalizer_params: normalization function parameters.
  • weights_initializer: An initializer for the weights.
  • weights_regularizer: Optional regularizer for the weights.
  • biases_initializer: An initializer for the biases. If None skip biases.
  • biases_regularizer: Optional regularizer for the biases.
  • reuse: whether or not the layer and its variables should be reused. To be able to reuse the layer scope must be given.
  • variables_collections: optional list of collections for all the variables or a dictionary containing a different list of collection per variable.
  • outputs_collections: collection to add the outputs.
  • trainable: If True also add variables to the graph collection GraphKeys.TRAINABLE_VARIABLES (see tf.Variable).
  • scope: Optional scope for variable_scope.


A Tensor representing the output of the operation.

Defined in tensorflow/contrib/framework/python/ops/