tf.contrib.learn.infer(args, *kwargs)

tf.contrib.learn.infer(*args, **kwargs)

See the guide: Learn (contrib) > Graph actions

Restore graph from restore_checkpoint_path and run output_dict tensors. (deprecated)

THIS FUNCTION IS DEPRECATED. It will be removed after 2017-02-15. Instructions for updating: will be deleted. Use tf.train.* utilities instead. You can use learn/estimators/ as an example.

If restore_checkpoint_path is supplied, restore from checkpoint. Otherwise, init all variables.


  • restore_checkpoint_path: A string containing the path to a checkpoint to restore.
  • output_dict: A dict mapping string names to Tensor objects to run. Tensors must all be from the same graph.
  • feed_dict: dict object mapping Tensor objects to input values to feed.


Dict of values read from output_dict tensors. Keys are the same as output_dict, values are the results read from the corresponding Tensor in output_dict.


  • ValueError: if output_dict or feed_dicts is None or empty.

Defined in tensorflow/python/util/