tf.image.decode_image(contents, channels=None, name=None)

tf.image.decode_image(contents, channels=None, name=None)

See the guide: Images > Encoding and Decoding

Convenience function for decode_gif, decode_jpeg, and decode_png. Detects whether an image is a GIF, JPEG, or PNG, and performs the appropriate operation to convert the input bytes string into a Tensor of type uint8.


  • contents: 0-D string. The encoded image bytes.
  • channels: An optional int. Defaults to 0. Number of color channels for the decoded image.
  • name: A name for the operation (optional)


Tensor with type uint8 with shape [height, width, num_channels] for JPEG and PNG images and shape [num_frames, height, width, 3] for GIF images.

Defined in tensorflow/python/ops/