tf.saved_model.loader.load(sess, tags, export_dir, **saver_kwargs)

tf.saved_model.loader.load(sess, tags, export_dir, **saver_kwargs)

Loads the model from a SavedModel as specified by tags.


  • sess: The TensorFlow session to restore the variables.
  • tags: Set of string tags to identify the required MetaGraphDef. These should correspond to the tags used when saving the variables using the SavedModel save() API.
  • export_dir: Directory in which the SavedModel protocol buffer and variables to be loaded are located. **saver_kwargs: Optional keyword arguments passed through to Saver.


The MetaGraphDef protocol buffer loaded in the provided session. This can be used to further extract signature-defs, collection-defs, etc.


  • RuntimeError: MetaGraphDef associated with the tags cannot be found.

Defined in tensorflow/python/saved_model/