Module: tf.test

Module tf.test

Testing. See the Testing guide.


class Benchmark: Abstract class that provides helpers for TensorFlow benchmarks.

class TestCase: Base class for tests that need to test TensorFlow.

assert_equal_graph_def(...): Asserts that two GraphDefs are (mostly) the same.

compute_gradient(...): Computes and returns the theoretical and numerical Jacobian.

compute_gradient_error(...): Computes the gradient error.

get_temp_dir(...): Returns a temporary directory for use during tests.

gpu_device_name(...): Returns the name of a GPU device if available or the empty string.

is_built_with_cuda(...): Returns whether TensorFlow was built with CUDA (GPU) support.

is_gpu_available(...): Returns whether TensorFlow can access a GPU.

main(...): Runs all unit tests.

mock module

test_src_dir_path(...): Creates an absolute test srcdir path given a relative path.

Defined in tensorflow/python/platform/