class tf.train.StepCounterHook

See the guide: Training > Training Hooks

Steps per second monitor.


__init__(every_n_steps=100, every_n_secs=None, output_dir=None, summary_writer=None)

after_create_session(session, coord)

Called when new TensorFlow session is created.

This is called to signal the hooks that a new session has been created. This has two essential differences with the situation in which begin is called:

  • When this is called, the graph is finalized and ops can no longer be added to the graph.
  • This method will also be called as a result of recovering a wrapped session, not only at the beginning of the overall session.


  • session: A TensorFlow Session that has been created.
  • coord: A Coordinator object which keeps track of all threads.

after_run(run_context, run_values)




Called at the end of session.

The session argument can be used in case the hook wants to run final ops, such as saving a last checkpoint.


  • session: A TensorFlow Session that will be soon closed.

Defined in tensorflow/python/training/