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Module: tf.contrib.signal

Defined in tensorflow/contrib/signal/__init__.py.

Signal processing operations.

See the Signal Processing (contrib) guide.


frame(...): Expands signal's axis dimension into frames of frame_length.

hamming_window(...): Generate a Hamming window.

hann_window(...): Generate a Hann window.

inverse_stft(...): Computes the inverse Short-time Fourier Transform of stfts.

inverse_stft_window_fn(...): Generates a window function that can be used in inverse_stft.

linear_to_mel_weight_matrix(...): Returns a matrix to warp linear scale spectrograms to the mel scale.

mfccs_from_log_mel_spectrograms(...): Computes MFCCs of log_mel_spectrograms.

overlap_and_add(...): Reconstructs a signal from a framed representation.

stft(...): Computes the Short-time Fourier Transform of signals.