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Module: tf.keras.applications

Defined in tensorflow/keras/applications/__init__.py.

Keras Applications are canned architectures with pre-trained weights.


densenet module: DenseNet models for Keras.

inception_resnet_v2 module: Inception-ResNet V2 model for Keras.

inception_v3 module: Inception V3 model for Keras.

mobilenet module: MobileNet v1 models for Keras.

nasnet module: NASNet-A models for Keras.

resnet50 module: ResNet50 model for Keras.

vgg16 module: VGG16 model for Keras.

vgg19 module: VGG19 model for Keras.

xception module: Xception V1 model for Keras.


DenseNet121(...): Instantiates the DenseNet architecture.

DenseNet169(...): Instantiates the DenseNet architecture.

DenseNet201(...): Instantiates the DenseNet architecture.

InceptionResNetV2(...): Instantiates the Inception-ResNet v2 architecture.

InceptionV3(...): Instantiates the Inception v3 architecture.

MobileNet(...): Instantiates the MobileNet architecture.

NASNetLarge(...): Instantiates a NASNet model in ImageNet mode.

NASNetMobile(...): Instantiates a Mobile NASNet model in ImageNet mode.

ResNet50(...): Instantiates the ResNet50 architecture.

VGG16(...): Instantiates the VGG16 architecture.

VGG19(...): Instantiates the VGG19 architecture.

Xception(...): Instantiates the Xception architecture.