Defined in tensorflow/contrib/training/python/training/

Enqueue components into queue from PrependFromQueueAndPaddedBatchDataset.

The components' dtypes and shapes must be compatible with the output_shapes attribute of the dataset created by prepend_from_queue_and_padded_batch_dataset. This operation supports both non-batched and batched modes.

For more details, see the example in the docstring for prepend_from_queue_and_padded_batch_dataset.


  • queue: variant scalar or vector tensor. The tensor emitted by the first component of the iterator associated with prepend_from_queue_and_padded_batch_dataset. If this is a scalar, then the components input tensors should not have a prepended batch dimension.
  • components: Nested tuple of tensors, each with a leading batch dimension if queue is a vector. The structure, dtypes, and shapes (excluding batch dimension) must match the nested tuples dataset.output_types[1] and dataset.output_shapes[1] (the non-queue output types and shapes) of the dataset emitted by the original prepend_from_queue_and_padded_batch_dataset call.


An Operation that enqueues components into the dataset(s) associated with entries of queue.