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  • tf.contrib.graph_editor.make_view
  • tf.contrib.graph_editor.sgv

Defined in tensorflow/contrib/graph_editor/subgraph.py.

See the guides: Graph Editor (contrib) > Module: subgraph, Graph Editor (contrib) > Useful aliases

Create a SubGraphView from selected operations and passthrough tensors.


  • *args: list of 1) regular expressions (compiled or not) or 2) (array of) tf.Operation 3) (array of) tf.Tensor. Those objects will be converted into a list of operations and a list of candidate for passthrough tensors.
  • **kwargs: keyword graph is used 1) to check that the ops and ts are from the correct graph 2) for regular expression query


A subgraph view.


  • TypeError: if the optional keyword argument graph is not a tf.Graph or if an argument in args is not an (array of) tf.Tensor or an (array of) tf.Operation or a string or a regular expression.
  • ValueError: if one of the keyword arguments is unexpected.