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Defined in tensorflow/contrib/metrics/python/ops/metric_ops.py.

See the guide: Metrics (contrib) > Metric Ops

Aggregates the metric names to tuple dictionary.

This function is useful for pairing metric names with their associated value and update ops when the list of metrics is long. For example:

  metrics_to_values, metrics_to_updates = slim.metrics.aggregate_metric_map({
      'Mean Absolute Error': new_slim.metrics.streaming_mean_absolute_error(
          predictions, labels, weights),
      'Mean Relative Error': new_slim.metrics.streaming_mean_relative_error(
          predictions, labels, labels, weights),
      'RMSE Linear': new_slim.metrics.streaming_root_mean_squared_error(
          predictions, labels, weights),
      'RMSE Log': new_slim.metrics.streaming_root_mean_squared_error(
          predictions, labels, weights),


  • names_to_tuples: a map of metric names to tuples, each of which contain the pair of (value_tensor, update_op) from a streaming metric.


A dictionary from metric names to value ops and a dictionary from metric names to update ops.