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Defined in tensorflow/contrib/tpu/python/tpu/tpu.py.

Rewrites computation for execution on a TPU system.


  • computation: A Python function that builds a computation to apply to the input. If the function takes n inputs, 'inputs' should be a list of n tensors.

    computation may return a list of operations and tensors. Tensors must come before operations in the returned list. The return value of rewrite is a list of tensors corresponding to the tensors from the output of computation.

    All Operations returned from computation will be executed when evaluating any of the returned output tensors.

  • inputs: A list of input tensors or None (equivalent to an empty list).

  • infeed_queue: If not None, the InfeedQueue from which to append a tuple of arguments as inputs to computation.

  • device_assignment: if not None, a DeviceAssignment describing the mapping between logical cores in the computation with physical cores in the TPU topology. May be omitted for a single-core computation, in which case the core attached to task 0, TPU device 0 is used.

  • name: (Deprecated) Does nothing.


A list of output tensors.