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Module: tf.io

Public API for tf.io namespace.


class FixedLenFeature: Configuration for parsing a fixed-length input feature.

class FixedLenSequenceFeature: Configuration for parsing a variable-length input feature into a Tensor.

class PaddingFIFOQueue: A FIFOQueue that supports batching variable-sized tensors by padding.

class PriorityQueue: A queue implementation that dequeues elements in prioritized order.

class QueueBase: Base class for queue implementations.

class RandomShuffleQueue: A queue implementation that dequeues elements in a random order.

class SparseFeature: Configuration for parsing a sparse input feature from an Example.

class TFRecordCompressionType: The type of compression for the record.

class TFRecordOptions: Options used for manipulating TFRecord files.

class TFRecordWriter: A class to write records to a TFRecords file.

class VarLenFeature: Configuration for parsing a variable-length input feature.


decode_base64(...): Decode web-safe base64-encoded strings.

decode_compressed(...): Decompress strings.

decode_csv(...): Convert CSV records to tensors. Each column maps to one tensor.

decode_json_example(...): Convert JSON-encoded Example records to binary protocol buffer strings.

decode_raw(...): Reinterpret the bytes of a string as a vector of numbers.

deserialize_many_sparse(...): Deserialize and concatenate SparseTensors from a serialized minibatch.

encode_base64(...): Encode strings into web-safe base64 format.

match_filenames_once(...): Save the list of files matching pattern, so it is only computed once.

matching_files(...): Returns the set of files matching one or more glob patterns.

parse_example(...): Parses Example protos into a dict of tensors.

parse_sequence_example(...): Parses a batch of SequenceExample protos.

parse_single_example(...): Parses a single Example proto.

parse_single_sequence_example(...): Parses a single SequenceExample proto.

parse_tensor(...): Transforms a serialized tensorflow.TensorProto proto into a Tensor.

read_file(...): Reads and outputs the entire contents of the input filename.

serialize_many_sparse(...): Serialize N-minibatch SparseTensor into an [N, 3] Tensor.

serialize_sparse(...): Serialize a SparseTensor into a 3-vector (1-D Tensor) object.

tf_record_iterator(...): An iterator that read the records from a TFRecords file.

write_file(...): Writes contents to the file at input filename. Creates file and recursively

write_graph(...): Writes a graph proto to a file.