Module: tf.compat

Functions for Python 2 vs. 3 compatibility.

Conversion routines

In addition to the functions below, as_str converts an object to a str.


The compatibility module also provides the following types:

  • bytes_or_text_types
  • complex_types
  • integral_types
  • real_types


as_bytes(...): Converts either bytes or unicode to bytes, using utf-8 encoding for text.

as_str(...): Returns the given argument as a unicode string.

as_str_any(...): Converts to str as str(value), but use as_str for bytes.

as_text(...): Returns the given argument as a unicode string.

forward_compatibility_horizon(...): Context manager for testing forward compatibility of generated graphs.

forward_compatible(...): Return true if the forward compatibility window has expired.

path_to_str(...): Returns the file system path representation of a PathLike object, else as it is.

Other Members