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Defined in tensorflow/python/summary/summary_iterator.py.

An iterator for reading Event protocol buffers from an event file.

You can use this function to read events written to an event file. It returns a Python iterator that yields Event protocol buffers.

Example: Print the contents of an events file.

for e in tf.train.summary_iterator(path to events file):

Example: Print selected summary values.

# This example supposes that the events file contains summaries with a
# summary value tag 'loss'.  These could have been added by calling
# `add_summary()`, passing the output of a scalar summary op created with
# with: `tf.summary.scalar('loss', loss_tensor)`.
for e in tf.train.summary_iterator(path to events file):
    for v in e.summary.value:
        if v.tag == 'loss':

See the protocol buffer definitions of Event and Summary for more information about their attributes.


  • path: The path to an event file created by a SummaryWriter.


Event protocol buffers.