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Module: tf.contrib.autograph

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This is the legacy module for AutoGraph, kept for backward compatibility.

New users should instead use tensorflow.python.autograph.


class AutoGraphError: Base class for all AutoGraph exceptions.

class ConversionOptions: Immutable container for global conversion flags.

class Feature: Represents conversion options that can be toggled on or off.

class RunMode: Specifies the way a converted function or method should be executed in TF.


convert(...): Decorator that compiles a function to use TensorFlow ops.

converted_call(...): Compiles a function call inline. For internal use only.

do_not_convert(...): Decorator that suppresses the conversion of a function.

set_element_type(...): Indicates that the entity is expected hold items of specified type/shape.

set_loop_options(...): Specifies additional arguments to be passed to the enclosing while_loop.

stack(...): Stacks the input, if it admits the notion of stacking.

to_code(...): Similar to to_graph, but returns Python source code as a string.

to_graph(...): Converts a Python entity into a TensorFlow graph.