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A transformation that parses Example protos into a dict of tensors. (deprecated)

Parses a number of serialized Example protos given in serialized. We refer to serialized as a batch with batch_size many entries of individual Example protos.

This op parses serialized examples into a dictionary mapping keys to Tensor and SparseTensor objects. features is a dict from keys to VarLenFeature, SparseFeature, and FixedLenFeature objects. Each VarLenFeature and SparseFeature is mapped to a SparseTensor, and each FixedLenFeature is mapped to a Tensor. See for more details about feature dictionaries.


  • features: A dict mapping feature keys to FixedLenFeature, VarLenFeature, and SparseFeature values.
  • num_parallel_calls: (Optional.) A tf.int32 scalar tf.Tensor, representing the number of parsing processes to call in parallel.


A dataset transformation function, which can be passed to


  • ValueError: if features argument is None.