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Module: tf.nn.rnn_cell


class BasicLSTMCell: DEPRECATED: Please use tf.compat.v1.nn.rnn_cell.LSTMCell instead.

class BasicRNNCell: The most basic RNN cell.

class DeviceWrapper

class DropoutWrapper: Operator adding dropout to inputs and outputs of the given cell.

class GRUCell: Gated Recurrent Unit cell (cf.

class LSTMCell: Long short-term memory unit (LSTM) recurrent network cell.

class LSTMStateTuple: Tuple used by LSTM Cells for state_size, zero_state, and output state.

class MultiRNNCell: RNN cell composed sequentially of multiple simple cells.

class RNNCell: Abstract object representing an RNN cell.

class ResidualWrapper: RNNCell wrapper that ensures cell inputs are added to the outputs.