Module: tf.ragged

TensorFlow 2.0 version


class RaggedTensorValue: Represents the value of a RaggedTensor.


boolean_mask(...): Applies a boolean mask to data without flattening the mask dimensions.

constant(...): Constructs a constant RaggedTensor from a nested Python list.

constant_value(...): Constructs a RaggedTensorValue from a nested Python list.

map_flat_values(...): Applies op to the values of one or more RaggedTensors.

placeholder(...): Creates a placeholder for a tf.RaggedTensor that will always be fed.

range(...): Returns a RaggedTensor containing the specified sequences of numbers.

row_splits_to_segment_ids(...): Generates the segmentation corresponding to a RaggedTensor row_splits.

segment_ids_to_row_splits(...): Generates the RaggedTensor row_splits corresponding to a segmentation.