Getting Started

TensorFlow is a tool for machine learning. While it contains a wide range of functionality, TensorFlow is mainly designed for deep neural network models.

The easiest way to get started with tensorflow is using Eager Execution.

  • Get Started, is for anyone new to machine learning or TensorFlow.

TensorFlow provides many APIs. The remainder of this section focuses on the Estimator API which provide scalable, high-performance models. To get started with Estimators begin by reading one of the following documents:

Then, read the following documents, which demonstrate the key features in the high-level APIs:

  • Checkpoints, which explains how to save training progress and resume where you left off.
  • Feature Columns, which shows how an Estimator can handle a variety of input data types without changes to the model.
  • Datasets Quick Start, which introduces TensorFlow's input pipelines.
  • Creating Custom Estimators, which demonstrates how to build and train models you design yourself.

For more advanced users:

  • The Low Level Introduction demonstrates how to use TensorFlow outside of the Estimator framework, for debugging and experimentation.
  • The Programmer's Guide details major TensorFlow components.
  • The Tutorials provide walkthroughs of a variety of TensorFlow models.