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Return the handle of data.

This is EXPERIMENTAL and subject to change.

Keep data "in-place" in the runtime and create a handle that can be used to retrieve data in a subsequent run().

Combined with get_session_tensor, we can keep a tensor produced in one run call in place, and use it as the input in a future run call.

data A tensor to be stored in the session.
name Optional name prefix for the return tensor.

A scalar string tensor representing a unique handle for data.

TypeError if data is not a Tensor.


c = tf.multiply(a, b)
h = tf.compat.v1.get_session_handle(c)
h =

p, a = tf.compat.v1.get_session_tensor(h.handle, tf.float32)
b = tf.multiply(a, 10)
c =, feed_dict={p: h.handle})