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2D real-valued fast Fourier transform.

Computes the 2-dimensional discrete Fourier transform of a real-valued signal over the inner-most 2 dimensions of input.

Since the DFT of a real signal is Hermitian-symmetric, RFFT2D only returns the fft_length / 2 + 1 unique components of the FFT for the inner-most dimension of output: the zero-frequency term, followed by the fft_length / 2 positive-frequency terms.

Along each axis RFFT2D is computed on, if fft_length is smaller than the corresponding dimension of input, the dimension is cropped. If it is larger, the dimension is padded with zeros.

input A Tensor of type float32. A float32 tensor.
fft_length A Tensor of type int32. An int32 tensor of shape [2]. The FFT length for each dimension.
name A name for the operation (optional).

A Tensor of type complex64.