Learn how TensorFlow solves real, everyday machine learning problems

Explore how various companies from a wide variety of industries implement ML to solve their biggest problems. From healthcare to social networks and even ecommerce, ML can be integrated into your industry and company.

Case studies
Airbus uses TensorFlow to extract information from their satellite images and deliver valuable insights to clients

ML helps with monitoring changes to the Earth's surface for urban planning, fighting illegal construction and mapping damage and landscape changes caused by natural catastrophes.

Kakao uses TensorFlow to predict the completion rate of ride-hailing requests

Kakao Mobility uses TensorFlow and TensorFlow Serving to predict the probability of trip completed rates when drivers are dispatched to fulfill ride-hailing requests.

OpenX prioritizes traffic for high volume requests using TFX

OpenX integrates TFX and Google Cloud Platform in their ad exchange to process more than one million requests every second and serve responses in under 15 milliseconds.

Spotify personalizes recommendations for users with TFX

Spotify leverages TFX and Kubeflow pipelines in its Paved Road for ML systems, an opinionated set of products and configurations to deploy an end-to-end machine learning solution targeted at teams starting out on their ML journeys.

Ranking tweets with TensorFlow

Twitter used TensorFlow to build their "Ranked Timeline," allowing users to ensure that they don't miss their most important tweets even if they follow thousands of users.