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Module: tfc

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Core module in tensorflow_cloud.


class AcceleratorType: Types of accelerators.

class CloudOracle: Keras Tuner Oracle that wraps the AI Platform Vizier backend.

class CloudTuner: KerasTuner interface implementation backed by Vizier Service.

class DockerConfig: Represents Docker-related configuration for the run API.

class MachineConfig: Represents the configuration or type of machine to be used.


remote(...): True when code is run in a remote cloud environment by TF Cloud.

run(...): Runs your Tensorflow code in Google Cloud Platform.

run_cloudtuner(...): A wrapper for that allows for running concurrent CloudTuner jobs.


 'CPU': <tensorflow_cloud.core.machine_config.MachineConfig object at 0x7f32e26c4dd0>,
 'K80_1X': <tensorflow_cloud.core.machine_config.MachineConfig object at 0x7f32e26ca990>,
 'K80_4X': <tensorflow_cloud.core.machine_config.MachineConfig object at 0x7f32e26ca9d0>,
 'K80_8X': <tensorflow_cloud.core.machine_config.MachineConfig object at 0x7f32e26cac10>,
 'P100_1X': <tensorflow_cloud.core.machine_config.MachineConfig object at 0x7f32e2ce85d0>,
 'P100_4X': <tensorflow_cloud.core.machine_config.MachineConfig object at 0x7f32e2ce8590>,
 'P4_1X': <tensorflow_cloud.core.machine_config.MachineConfig object at 0x7f32e2ce8610>,
 'P4_4X': <tensorflow_cloud.core.machine_config.MachineConfig object at 0x7f32e2ce8650>,
 'T4_1X': <tensorflow_cloud.core.machine_config.MachineConfig object at 0x7f32e2ce8710>,
 'T4_4X': <tensorflow_cloud.core.machine_config.MachineConfig object at 0x7f32e2ce8750>,
 'TPU': <tensorflow_cloud.core.machine_config.MachineConfig object at 0x7f32e2ce8790>,
 'V100_1X': <tensorflow_cloud.core.machine_config.MachineConfig object at 0x7f32e2ce8690>,
 'V100_4X': <tensorflow_cloud.core.machine_config.MachineConfig object at 0x7f32e2ce86d0>

version '0.1.15'