Welcome to the TensorFlow community! This page explains where to get help, and different ways to be part of the community. We are committed to fostering an open and welcoming environment, and request that you review our code of conduct.

Get Help

Technical Questions

To ask or answer technical questions about TensorFlow, use Stack Overflow. For example, ask or search about a particular error message you encountered during installation.

Bugs and Feature Requests

To report bugs or make feature requests, file an issue on GitHub. Please choose the appropriate repository for the project. Major repositories include:


Before using TensorFlow, please take a look at our security model, list of recent security advisories and announcements, and ways you can report security issues to the TensorFlow team at the Using TensorFlow Securely page on GitHub.

Stay Informed

Announcements Mailing List

All major releases and important announcements are sent to We recommend that you join this list if you depend on TensorFlow in any way.

Development Roadmap

The Roadmap summarizes plans for upcoming additions to TensorFlow.

Social Media

For news and updates from around the universe of TensorFlow projects, follow @tensorflow on Twitter.


We post regularly to the TensorFlow Blog, with content from the TensorFlow team and the best articles from the community.


Our YouTube Channel focuses on machine learning and AI with TensorFlow. On it we have a number of new shows, including:

  • TensorFlow Meets: meet with community contributors to learn and share what they're doing
  • Ask TensorFlow: the team answers the best questions tagged #AskTensorFlow from social media
  • Coding TensorFlow: short bites with tips for success with TensorFlow

Community Support

Mailing Lists

For general discussion about TensorFlow development and direction, please join the TensorFlow discuss mailing list.

A number of other mailing lists exist, focused on different project areas, which can be found at TensorFlow Mailing Lists.

User Groups

To meet with like-minded people local to you, check out the many TensorFlow user groups around the world.

Contributing To TensorFlow

We welcome contributions and collaboration on TensorFlow. For more information, please read Contributing to TensorFlow.