See examples and live demos built with TensorFlow.js.

LipSync by YouTube

See how well you synchronize to the lyrics of the popular hit "Dance Monkey." This in-browser experience uses the Facemesh model for estimating key points around the lips to score lip-syncing accuracy.

Emoji Scavenger Hunt

Use your phone’s camera to identify emojis in the real world. Can you find all the emojis before time expires?

Webcam Controller

Play Pac-Man using images trained in your browser.

Teachable Machine

No coding required! Teach a machine to recognize images and play sounds.

Move Mirror

Explore pictures in a fun new way, just by moving around.

Performance RNN

Enjoy a real-time piano performance by a neural network.

Node.js Pitch Prediction

Train a server-side model to classify baseball pitch types using Node.js.

Visualize Model Training

See how to visualize in-browser training and model behaviour and training using tfjs-vis.

Community demos

Get started with official templates and explore top picks from the community for inspiration.


Check out community Glitches and make your own TensorFlow.js-powered projects.


Fork boilerplate templates and check out working examples from the community.

GitHub Community Projects  

See what the community has created and submitted to the TensorFlow.js gallery page.


tfjs-examples provides small code examples that implement various ML tasks using TensorFlow.js.

MNIST Digit Recognizer

Train a model to recognize handwritten digits from the MNIST database.

Addition RNN

Train a model to learn addition from text examples.