Explore tools to support and accelerate TensorFlow workflows.


Colaboratory is a free Jupyter notebook environment that requires no setup and runs entirely in the cloud, allowing you to execute TensorFlow code in your browser with a single click.

Visual Blocks

A visual coding web framework to prototype ML workflows using I/O devices, models, data augmentation, and even Colab code as reusable building blocks.


A suite of visualization tools to understand, debug, and optimize TensorFlow programs.

What-If Tool

A tool for code-free probing of machine learning models, useful for model understanding, debugging, and fairness. Available in TensorBoard and jupyter or colab notebooks.

ML Perf

A broad ML benchmark suite for measuring performance of ML software frameworks, ML hardware accelerators, and ML cloud platforms.


XLA (Accelerated Linear Algebra) is a domain-specific compiler for linear algebra that optimizes TensorFlow computations. The results are improvements in speed, memory usage, and portability on server and mobile platforms.

TensorFlow Playground

Tinker with a neural network in your browser. Don't worry, you can't break it.

TPU Research Cloud

The TPU Research Cloud (TRC) program enables researchers to apply for access to a cluster of more than 1,000 Cloud TPUs at no charge to help them accelerate the next wave of research breakthroughs.


A new intermediate representation and compiler framework.