March 2023

TensorFlow Newsletter March 2023

Learn the latest in TF 2.12, save the date for Google I/O, and explore the latest AI research.

TensorFlow 2.12 is here
Discover improvements and changes in the new release, including the new Keras model saving and exporting format, the keras.utils.FeatureSpace utility, TensorFlow python 3.11 wheels and much more.
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Create production-ready decision forest models
TensorFlow Decision Forests is now included in the official TensorFlow Serving release and in Google Cloud's Vertex AI. Discover new features and explore ways you can use decision forest algorithms on structured data such as through the Simple ML for Sheets add-on.
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Isolated sign language recognition challenge on Kaggle
Join a competition to build a TensorFlow Lite model for accurate, real-time sign language recognition and help reduce the risk of language deprivation for deaf children.
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Build search into your mobile app with TensorFlow Lite
Learn how you can use the power of Scalable Nearest Neighbors (ScaNN) for semantic search or smart reply in your app using TensorFlow Lite Model Maker .
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New quantized RetinaNet+MobileNetV2, MOSAIC, and MobileBERT models
Quantization-aware training (QAT) is critical to many on-device use cases, enabling lower latency or smaller model sizes with minimal loss of accuracy. Learn about the new state-of-the-art quantized models in the TensorFlow Model Garden for object detection, semantic segmentation, and NLP tasks.
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Extend TFX pipelines with community components
TFX standard components provide proven functionality for production ML workflows. Explore custom components to add functionality for common MLOps patterns, contributed by the TFX-Addons community of companies and developers.
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A look back on 2022 with Google Research
From algorithms to ML infrastructure and computer systems, read about all of the cutting-edge advances Google Research made in 2022. Discover the potential benefit in real-world applications and how you can use these technologies in TensorFlow.
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