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Module: text.tflite_registrar


A module with a Python wrapper for TFLite TFText ops.


AddFastBertNormalize(...): AddFastBertNormalize(arg0: int) -> None

AddFastWordpieceDetokenize(...): AddFastWordpieceDetokenize(arg0: int) -> None

AddFastWordpieceTokenize(...): AddFastWordpieceTokenize(arg0: int) -> None

AddNgramsStringJoin(...): AddNgramsStringJoin(arg0: int) -> None

AddRaggedTensorToTensor(...): AddRaggedTensorToTensor(arg0: int) -> None

AddWhitespaceTokenize(...): AddWhitespaceTokenize(arg0: int) -> None

SELECT_TFTEXT_OPS [<built-in method AddFastBertNormalize of PyCapsule object>, <built-in method AddFastWordpieceTokenize of PyCapsule object>, <built-in method AddFastWordpieceDetokenize of PyCapsule object>, <built-in method AddNgramsStringJoin of PyCapsule object>, <built-in method AddRaggedTensorToTensor of PyCapsule object>, <built-in method AddWhitespaceTokenize of PyCapsule object>]