Contribute to the TensorFlow community

An open source project isn't just about the code, it's also about the community of users, developers, writers, researchers, and other contributors. You can help grow and support this community.

Please read the TensorFlow Code and Collaboration governance.

Community support

Many people ask questions about TensorFlow on the TensorFlow Forum. Answering those questions and pointing people to the relevant documentation is a great service to the community.

Some users also ask support questions as GitHub issues. We try to discourage this, as GitHub issues are not the best place to ask for technical support. However, if you notice these issues, you are encouraged to answer them and point people to the relevant documentation.

TensorFlow Forum

The TensorFlow Forum is a central platform for community discussion and support. It brings our community together to share ideas, best practices and use cases related to TensorFlow. We foster an open and welcoming environment according to the TensorFlow Code of Conduct.

The TensorFlow Forum is organized by categories, subcategories and tags. We encourage you to create an account and follow categories and tags of interest. When you create a new post, select the most appropriate category or subcategory and tags to help other users find your topic.

For more information on Discourse features, read the Discourse New User Guide.

Become a Forum expert

Discourse uses trust levels to reward increasing levels of participation in the forum. The Forum facilitates learning by doing, letting you to collect badges that are displayed on your profile. This is a great way to be recognized for helping fellow community members. The more you invest in helping community members, the more badges and forum tools you will unlock.

Certain groups, such as TensorFlow Team members and Machine Learning GDEs, display a special icon for easier identification.


The TensorFlow community has a number of formal and informal ways of keeping in touch.


The primary communication about work on TensorFlow happens in the TensorFlow repositories on GitHub. This is the place to discuss bugs, new features, and in-progress work.

Mailing lists

Most communication happens on the TensorFlow Forum. The following mailing lists are still used for announcements and contributor conversations. Note that they are not intended to provide technical support.

  • — All major releases and important announcements are sent to this mailing group. We recommend that you join this list if you depend on TensorFlow in any way.
  • — Discussion for developers who are contributing to TensorFlow.

For more information on project-specific communication, visit the Contribute to SIGs page.

Blog and social media

The TensorFlow Blog is full of great content both from our team at Google and the broader community. We'd love to hear what you have to say, so if you would like to submit an article for review, please contact us at Note that we receive many great submissions, and setting expectations, we can only publish a few.

On Twitter we share the latest and greatest from our community, and our YouTube channel has free educational content to help you create, understand and deploy models for a variety of applications.

TensorFlow Community Spotlight

The TensorFlow Community Spotlight Program provides an opportunity to showcase your passion projects using TensorFlow. Submit your project for a chance to be featured and recognized on TensorFlow’s Twitter account.

Follow the #TFCommunitySpotlight hashtag and find out more about past winners here.

User groups

TensorFlow User Groups (or TFUGs, for short) are local communities of developers and researchers around the world. If you don’t have a TFUG in your country or city, we encourage you to start one by reaching out to


The TensorFlow team hosts and supports events all around the world! If your TFUG is planning an upcoming event or meetup, please let our Community know by posting about it on the TensorFlow Forum under the Events category.

If you’ve already held your event, please share feedback with us here! Feel free to share recaps and recordings on the Forum as well.