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Generic model builder.

dataspec Dataspec, possibly partially constructed.

Can be called before close for advanced model edition.

objective Objective of the model.



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Finalize the builder work.

This method should be called last.


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Unique key describing the type of the model.


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Register a feature and some of its possible value.

Generally, users don't need to call this function. An example of advanced exception is if a model does not refer to a specific possible categorical value, and if this value should be threader differently that the Out-of-vocabulary.

Should be called at least once on each of the model input features. If called multiple times with categorical_values the set of possible values will be the union of the categorical_valuess.

feature Definition of the feature.
categorical_values Set of observed values. Only for categorical-like features.


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Gets the path to the destination yggdrasil model.