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Advanced control of the model building.

disable_categorical_integer_offset_correction Set to true when building manually a model with categorical integer features. Use false (default) in other cases, for example, when editing a TF-DF model or for models not using integer categorical features. Details: Yggdrasil Decision Forests reserves the value 0 of categorical integer features to the OOV item, so the value 0 cannot be used directly. If the disable_categorical_integer_offset_correction is true, a +1 offset might be applied before calling the inference code. This attribute should be disabled when creating manually a model with categorical integer features. Ultimately, Yggdrasil Decision Forests will support the value 0 as a normal value and this parameter will be removed. If disable_categorical_integer_offset_correction is false, this +1 offset is never applied.



disable_categorical_integer_offset_correction False