Scope which can be used to deserialize quantized Keras models and layers.

Used in the notebooks

Used in the guide

Under quantize_scope, Keras methods such as tf.keras.load_model and tf.keras.models.model_from_config will be able to deserialize Keras models and layers which contain quantization classes such as QuantizeConfig and Quantizer.


tf.keras.models.save_model(quantized_model, keras_file)

with quantize_scope():
  loaded_model = tf.keras.models.load_model(keras_file)

# If your quantized model uses custom objects such as a specific `Quantizer`,
# you can pass them to quantize_scope to deserialize your model.
with quantize_scope({'FixedRangeQuantizer', FixedRangeQuantizer}
  loaded_model = tf.keras.models.load_model(keras_file)

For further understanding, see tf.keras.utils.custom_object_scope.

*args Variable length list of dictionaries of {name, class} pairs to add to the scope created by this method.

Object of type CustomObjectScope with quantization objects included.