Module: tfdf.py_tree.dataspec

Utility for the dataset specification.

A dataset specification defines how to interpret the attributes/features in a dataset.


class SimpleColumnSpec: Simplified representation of a column spec.


categorical_column_dictionary_to_list(...): Extracts the dictionary elements of a categorical column.

categorical_value_idx_to_value(...): Gets the representation value of a categorical value stored as integer.

column_name_to_column_idx(...): Gets a column index from its name.

discretized_numerical_to_numerical(...): Converts a discretized numerical value to a matching numerical value.

label_value_idx_to_value(...): Gets the representation value of a categorical label value.

make_simple_column_spec(...): Creates a SimpleColumnSpec from a (full) DataSpecification.

ColumnType Instance of google.protobuf.internal.enum_type_wrapper.EnumTypeWrapper