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Module: tfio

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# stable
pip install tensorflow-io
# nightly
pip install tensorflow-io-nightly


arrow module: Arrow Dataset.

avro module: Avro Dataset.

azure module: tensorflow-io azure file system import

bigquery module: Cloud BigQuery Client for TensorFlow.

bigtable module: Cloud Bigtable Client for TensorFlow.

cifar module: CIFAR File Dataset.

dicom module: DICOM

ffmpeg module: FFmpeg Dataset.

gcs module: Module for cloud ops.

genome module: Genome

grpc module: GRPCInput

hadoop module: Sequence File Dataset.

hdf5 module: HDF5 Dataset.

ignite module: IgniteDataset that allows to get data from Apache Ignite.

image module: Image Dataset.

json module: JSONDataset.

kafka module: Kafka Dataset.

kinesis module: Kinesis Dataset.

libsvm module: LibSVM Dataset.

lmdb module: LMDB Dataset.

mnist module: MNIST Dataset.

oss module: Alibaba OSS File System.

parquet module: Parquet Dataset.

pcap module: PcapInput

prometheus module: PrometheusInput

pubsub module: PubSub Dataset.

text module: TextInput/TextOutput

video module: Alias of FFmpeg Video Dataset.


class IODataset: IODataset

class IOStreamDataset: IOStreamDataset

class IOTensor: IOTensor