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Reads and (optionally) parses avro files into a dataset.

Provides common functionality such as batching, optional parsing, shuffling, and performing defaults.

file_pattern List of files or patterns of avro file paths. See for pattern rules.
features A map of feature names mapped to feature information.
batch_size An int representing the number of records to combine in a single batch.
reader_schema The reader schema.
reader_buffer_size (Optional.) An int specifying the readers buffer size in By. If None (the default) will use the default value from AvroRecordDataset.
num_epochs (Optional.) An int specifying the number of times this dataset is repeated. If None (the default), cycles through the dataset forever. If set to None drops final batch.
shuffle (Optional.) A bool that indicates whether the input should be shuffled. Defaults to True.
shuffle_buffer_size (Optional.) Buffer size to use for shuffling. A large buffer size ensures better shuffling, but increases memory usage and startup time. If not provided assumes default value of 10,000 records. Note that the shuffle size is measured in records.
shuffle_seed (Optional.) Randomization seed to use for shuffling. By default uses a pseudo-random seed.
prefetch_buffer_size (Optional.) An int specifying the number of feature batches to prefetch for performance improvement. Defaults to auto-tune. Set to 0 to disable prefetching.
num_parallel_reads (Optional.) Number of threads used to read records from files. By default or if set to a value >1, the results will be interleaved.
num_parallel_parser_calls (Optional.) Number of parallel records to parse in parallel. Defaults to an automatic selection.
drop_final_batch (Optional.) Whether the last batch should be dropped in case its size is smaller than batch_size; the default behavior is not to drop the smaller batch.

A dataset, where each element matches the output of parser_fn except it will have an additional leading batch-size dimension, or a batch_size-length 1-D tensor of strings if parser_fn is unspecified.