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Initializes scale depending on output_min and output_max.

If both output_min and output_max are set, scale is initialized to half their difference, alternating signs for each term. If only output_min is set, scale is initialized to 1 for each term. If only output_max is set, scale is initialized to -1 for each term. Otherwise scale is initialized to alternate between 1 and -1 for each term.

output_min None or minimum layer output.
output_max None or maximum layer output.



Instantiates an initializer from a configuration dictionary.


initializer = RandomUniform(-1, 1)
config = initializer.get_config()
initializer = RandomUniform.from_config(config)

config A Python dictionary, the output of get_config.

A tf.keras.initializers.Initializer instance.


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Standard Keras config for serializaion.


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Returns weights of tfl.layers.KroneckerFactoredLattice scale.

shape Must be: (units, num_terms).
dtype Standard Keras initializer param.
**kwargs Other args passed to tf.keras.initializers.Initializer call method.