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Initializes a tfl.layers.Lattice as uniform random monotonic function.

  • The uniform random monotonic function will initilaize the lattice parameters uniformly at random and make it such that the parameters are monotonically increasing for each input.
  • The random parameters will be sampled from [output_min, output_max]

lattice_sizes Lattice sizes of tfl.layers.Lattice to initialize.
output_min Minimum layer output after initialization.
output_max Maximum layer output after initialization.
unimodalities None or unimodal dimensions after initialization. Does not need to match unimodalities of tfl.layers.Lattice.

ValueError If there are invalid hyperparameters.



Instantiates an initializer from a configuration dictionary.


initializer = RandomUniform(-1, 1)
config = initializer.get_config()
initializer = RandomUniform.from_config(config)

config A Python dictionary, the output of get_config.

A tf.keras.initializers.Initializer instance.


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Standard Keras config for serialization.


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Returns weights of tfl.layers.Lattice layer.

shape Must be: (prod(lattice_sizes), units).
dtype Standard Keras initializer param.
partition_info Standard Keras initializer param. Not used.