public abstract class CluResponse

The output domain, intent, and slot information for the BertCluAnnotator.

Nested Classes

class CluResponse.CategoricalSlot Represents a categorical slot whose values are within a finite set. 
class CluResponse.Mention A single mention. 
class CluResponse.MentionedSlot Represents a mentioned slot whose values are open text extracted from the input text. 

Public Constructors

Public Methods

abstract List<CluResponse.CategoricalSlot>
abstract List<Category>
abstract List<Category>
abstract List<CluResponse.MentionedSlot>

Inherited Methods

Public Constructors

public CluResponse ()

Public Methods

public abstract List<CluResponse.CategoricalSlot> getCategoricalSlots ()

public abstract List<Category> getDomains ()

public abstract List<Category> getIntents ()

public abstract List<CluResponse.MentionedSlot> getMentionedSlots ()