A container for the input tensor metadata information of Bert models.

model_buffer valid buffer of the model file.
ids_name name of the ids tensor, which represents the tokenized ids of the input text.
mask_name name of the mask tensor, which represents the mask with 1 for real tokens and 0 for padding tokens.
segment_name name of the segment ids tensor, where 0 stands for the first sequence, and 1 stands for the second sequence if exists.
ids_md input ids tensor informaton.
mask_md input mask tensor informaton.
segment_ids_md input segment tensor informaton.
tokenizer_md information of the tokenizer used to process the input string, if any. Supported tokenziers are: BertTokenizer 1 and SentencePieceTokenizer 2. If the tokenizer is RegexTokenizer 3, refer to nl_classifier.MetadataWriter.



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Creates the input process unit metadata.


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Creates the input metadata for the three input tesnors.


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Gets the associated files that are packed in the tokenizer.