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Loads data and retrains the model based on data for image classification.

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train_data Training data.
model_spec Specification for the model.
validation_data Validation data. If None, skips validation process.
batch_size Number of samples per training step. If use_hub_library is False, it represents the base learning rate when train batch size is 256 and it's linear to the batch size.
epochs Number of epochs for training.
steps_per_epoch Integer or None. Total number of steps (batches of samples) before declaring one epoch finished and starting the next epoch. If steps_per_epoch is None, the epoch will run until the input dataset is exhausted.
train_whole_model If true, the Hub module is trained together with the classification layer on top. Otherwise, only train the top classification layer.
dropout_rate The rate for dropout.
learning_rate Base learning rate when train batch size is 256. Linear to the batch size.
momentum a Python float forwarded to the optimizer. Only used when use_hub_library is True.
shuffle Whether the data should be shuffled.
use_augmentation Use data augmentation for preprocessing.
use_hub_library Use make_image_classifier_lib from tensorflow hub to retrain the model.
warmup_steps Number of warmup steps for warmup schedule on learning rate. If None, the default warmup_steps is used which is the total training steps in two epochs. Only used when use_hub_library is False.
model_dir The location of the model checkpoint files. Only used when use_hub_library is False.
do_train Whether to run training.

An instance based on ImageClassifier.