Annotate a tf.keras model to be quantized.

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This function does not actually quantize the model. It merely specifies that the model needs to be quantized. quantize_apply can then be used to quantize the model.

This function is intended to be used in conjunction with the quantize_annotate_layer API. Otherwise, it is simpler to use quantize_model.

Annotate a model while overriding the default behavior for a layer:

quantize_config = MyDenseQuantizeConfig()

model = quantize_annotate_model(
    layers.Dense(10, activation='relu', input_shape=(100,)),
        layers.Dense(2, activation='sigmoid'),

# The first Dense layer gets quantized with the default behavior,
# but the second layer uses `MyDenseQuantizeConfig` for quantization.
quantized_model = quantize_apply(model)

Note that this function removes the optimizer from the original model.

to_annotate tf.keras model which needs to be quantized.

New tf.keras model with each layer in the model wrapped with QuantizeAnnotate. The new model preserves weights from the original model.

ValueError if the model cannot be annotated.