Module: tfmot.quantization.keras

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Module containing quantization code built on Keras abstractions.


collaborative_optimizations module: Module containing collaborative optimization code.

default_8bit module: Module containing 8bit default quantization scheme.

experimental module: Module containing experimental quantization features.

graph_transformations module: Module containing code for graph transformation.

quantizers module: Module containing Quantization abstraction and quantizers.


class QuantizeConfig: ABC interface for Keras layers to express how they should be quantized.

class QuantizeLayoutTransform: Apply transformations to the model.

class QuantizeRegistry: ABC interface which specifies how layers should be quantized.

class QuantizeScheme: ABC interface which specifies transformer and quantization registry.

class QuantizeWrapper: Quantizes the weights and activations of the keras layer it wraps.

class QuantizeWrapperV2: Quantizes the weights and activations of the keras layer it wraps.


fix_input_output_range(...): Fix the input and output ranges.

quantize_annotate_layer(...): Annotate a tf.keras layer to be quantized.

quantize_annotate_model(...): Annotate a tf.keras model to be quantized.

quantize_apply(...): Quantize a tf.keras model that has been annotated for quantization.

quantize_model(...): Quantize a tf.keras model with the default quantization implementation.

quantize_scope(...): Scope which can be used to deserialize quantized Keras models and layers.

remove_input_range(...): Remove the input range.