Convert lists of tfq supported primitives to tensor representations.

Used in the notebooks

Used in the tutorials

Recursively convert a nested lists of cirq.PauliSum or cirq.Circuit objects to a tf.Tensor representation. Note that cirq serialization only supports cirq.GridQubits so we also require that input circuits and pauli sums are defined only on cirq.GridQubits.

my_qubits = cirq.GridQubit.rect(1, 2)
my_circuits = [cirq.Circuit(cirq.X(my_qubits[0])),
tensor_input = tfq.convert_to_tensor(my_circuits)
# Now tensor_input can be used as model input etc.
same_circuits = tfq.from_tensor(tensor_input)
# same_circuits now holds cirq.Circuit objects once more.
        cirq.X.on(cirq.GridQubit(0, 0)),
        cirq.Z.on(cirq.GridQubit(0, 0)),

items_to_convert Python list or nested list of cirq.Circuit or cirq.Paulisum objects. Must be recangular.
deterministic_proto_serialize Whether to use a deterministic serialization when calling SerializeToString().

A tf.Tensor that represents the input items.

TypeError In case of invalid arguments provided in items_to_convert.