Module: model_card_toolkit

A module to streamline and automate generation of Model Cards.


class BaseModelCardField: Model card field base class.

class Citation: A citation for a model.

class ConfidenceInterval: The confidence interval of the metric.

class Considerations: Considerations related to model construction, training, and application.

class Dataset: Provide some information about a dataset used to generate a model.

class Graphic: A named inline plot.

class GraphicsCollection: A collection of graphics.

class KeyVal: A generic key-value pair.

class License: The license information for a model.

class Limitation: A limitation a model.

class MlmdSource: MLMD source to populate a model card.

class ModelCard: Fields used to generate the Model Card.

class ModelCardToolkit: ModelCardToolkit provides utilities to generate a ModelCard.

class ModelDetails: This section provides a general, high-level description of the model.

class ModelParameters: Parameters for construction of the model.

class ModelSource: Sources to extract PushedModel data for a model card.

class Owner: The information about owners of a model.

class PerformanceMetric: The details of the performance metric.

class QuantitativeAnalysis: The quantitative analysis of a model.

class Reference: Reference for a model.

class Risk: Information about risks involved when using the model.

class SensitiveData: Sensitive data, such as PII (personally-identifiable information).

class Source: Sources to extract data for a model card.

class TfdvSource: Sources to extract TFDV data for a model card.

class TfmaSource: Source to extract TFMA eval result data for a model card.

class Tradeoff: A tradeoff for a model.

class UseCase: A type of use case for a model.

class User: A type of user for a model.

class Version: The information about verions of a model.

ModelCardGenerator None
version '2.0.0'