This section provides a general, high-level description of the model.

Inherits From: BaseModelCardField

name The name of the model.
overview A description of the model card.
documentation A more thorough description of the model and its usage.
owners The individuals or teams who own the model.
version The version of the model.
licenses The license information for the model. If the model is licensed for use by others, include the license type. If the model is not licensed for future use, you may state that here as well.
references Provide any additional links the reader may need. You can link to foundational research, technical documentation, or other materials that may be useful to your audience.
citations How should the model be cited? If the model is based on published academic research, cite the research.
path The path where the model is stored.



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Clear the subfields of this BaseModelCardField.


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Copies the contents of the model card proto into current object.


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Merges the contents of the model card proto into current object.


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Convert your model card to a python dictionary.


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Convert this class object to json.


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Convert this class object to the proto.



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Returns the number of items in a field. Ignores None values recursively, so the length of a field that only contains another field that has all None values would be 0.

documentation None
name None
overview None
path None