Considerations related to model construction, training, and application.

Inherits From: BaseModelCardField

The considerations section includes qualitative information about your model, including some analysis of its risks and limitations. As such, this section usually requires careful consideration, and conversations with many relevant stakeholders, including other model developers, dataset producers, and downstream users likely to interact with your model, or be affected by its outputs.

users Who are the intended users of the model? This may include researchers, developers, and/or clients. You might also include information about the downstream users you expect to interact with your model.
use_cases What are the intended use cases of the model? What use cases are out-of-scope?
limitations What are the known limitations of the model? This may include technical limitations, or conditions that may degrade model performance.
tradeoffs What are the known accuracy/performance tradeoffs for the model?
ethical_considerations What are the ethical risks involved in application of this model? For each risk, you may also provide a mitigation strategy that you've implemented, or one that you suggest to users.



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